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How long will it take to sell my home?

A real estate transaction can take as little as five days or it can take many months to complete – It all depends on the buyer’s and seller’s situations. Generally, the process takes about 6 weeks from beginning to end to complete. If a property is being sold for cash with no inspections, the transaction can be completed as soon as the title work and the tax certifications are done which could be as little as 5 days.

Step One – Getting it ready to sell
Depending on what needs to be declutter, packed up, and repaired around your home will dictate how much time this step will take. You want to take your home from living condition to showing condition.

Step Two – Choosing your Realtor®
We suggest that you choose a REALTOR® who has a marketing plan that fits your needs to get your home sold. Make sure that it is someone who has the years of real estate experience who will guide you though the selling process. Choose a real estate professional who you will enjoy working with, talking to and interacting with.

Step Three – Marketing and the Offer
This step the process involves the marketing of your home, this is when the property is photographed and the For Sale sign goes up. Your property will appear on the Multi Listing Services as well as all of the other web sites, social media platforms. Marketing continues throughout the sale process, as your real estate team, we will door knock the neighborhood, use open houses and create coming soon flyers to announce your property. We will use  marketing strategies that will get more buyers though your home. Scheduled property showings will begin, be prepared to leave your home in the morning in showing condition just in case a  buyer wants to see it while you are at work. It’s tough to keep your home clean and sparkling. But it’s the only way that buyers will be engaged and decides to buy it. Then you get an offer!

Step Four – Offer & Home Inspection & Title Work
An offer has been made on your property! Review the offer with your agent, make your counter offer to include any changes that you need to see on the contract or accept the offer as it is written. As soon as price and terms of the contract are agreed upon & signed by both parties, then the contract has been executed. During this phase, the buyer then will make their formal application to the bank for the mortgage to purchase your property. This is also the stage when the buyer selects their home inspector and their title company to start the title work. The home inspection will be scheduled and preformed by a certified home  inspector. Once the inspection has been completed. The buyer will announce whether they are accepting the property in its current condition or if they will ask you, the seller to fix a problem that was discovered during the inspection process.

Step Five – Settlement Day
You and your real estate team have worked hard for a few weeks to get you to the settlement table. The title work is complete. The building inspections are done. The final mortgage commitment has been made and you are ready to sign the deed and all other paperwork to sell your property. Congratulations you’ve sold your house!

Conclusion – From beginning to end the sale of your home generally takes 6 weeks if the buyer is getting a mortgage. Sometimes a mortgage company can get the mortgage work done in a shorter period of time but never less than about 4 weeks.

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