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We were not meant to live alone

Over the past 13 years in my real estate career, I have helped many older people move. Helping the elderly move is work that I love and work that I am good at! Through the years, I have come to the conclusion that God did not make us to live alone, especially as we age. I know this to be true because I have witnessed blossoming transformations in a person after they have moved into a social setting again.

Whether someone moves into a retirement community, assisted living or nursing care or if they have moved in with other family members, it is the social connection with others that change a person.

True story…. I was asked to help an 85+ woman move from her home. When I met Ruth she looked tired. She was living alone in a 4 bedroom home that was much too large for her. It had a big yard, lots of rooms, there still was a lawn to cut, oil to buy for the furnace, windows to scrape and repaint. All too much work and upkeep especially at 85+ years old.

After we sold her house and she moved into independent living, I went for a visit. Ruth’s transformation was astounding! Her cheeks were literally rosy, her eyes had a bright sparkle and she wore a big smile on her face. When I asked how was she doing she said, “Oh Diana I’m having so much fun meeting new people everyday.” When I commented that I thought that she looked so much healthier she smiled and said, “The food is so good here that I think I may have put on some weight.”

We want the people who we love to be happy, healthy and living independently if they that is what they want. We encourage them to move out of the big home into a place where they can be safe, social again, eat regularly and meet other people. It can be a big transition sometimes but it is so worth the effort!

I was so happy to see Ruth sparkle with joy. It made my heart happy to know that I had helped her through her transition.